The horror of war in Ukraine changes everything. It forces the world to recalibrate its priorities and convince democracies that they must fortify their economic security to maximize national security. It is more than luck that the United States possesses the economic power and banking system to orchestrate the imposition of global economic sanctions on Russia and any country that conspires with it. It is the result of two centuries of relentless commitment to entrepreneurialism and economic expansion. It has not always worked perfectly, but it has worked better than any other system on the planet.

The U.S. and other nations have equivocated about their need to maintain energy independence and are now paying the price. A war against climate change that reflexively shutters pipelines and delays drilling while the principal climate offenders in the world continue to mass-produce carbon-driven energy plays into the hands of the country’s adversaries and competitors. We need only look to Germany to understand how degrading its energy production resources in return for a bag of Russian beans produced an unhealthy addiction to Russian energy sources.

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